Shadow Of The Colossus

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ



  • Play as Dormin

    Defeal all sixteen Colossi to unlock Dormin, the demon Colossus.

  • Brown Agro

    Defeat all sixteen Colossi and get all items in Normal Time Attack mode. Then at the title screen, hold Square.

  • White Agro

    Defeat all sixteen Colossi and get all items in Hard Time Attack mode. Then at the title screen, hold Circle.

  • Reminisce mode

    Go to the corpse of the Colossi and press Circle to pray. In this mode, the graphics will change to an old film appearance.

  • Hard mode

    Successfully complete the game to unlock the Hard difficulty setting.

  • Time Attack mode

    Successfully complete the game to unlock Time Attack mode.

  • Time Attack mode bonuses

    You will be give a bonus item for every two Colossi defeated in Time Attack mode. On the Normal difficulty setting, the following bonus items will be unlocked, in order:

      Whistling Arrow: Distracts a Colossus
      Cloak of Force: Sword damages a Colossus more
      Mask of Strength: Inflict greater wounds to a Colossus
      Lizard Detection Stone: Detects white tailed lizards
      Fruit Tree Map: Reveals the Fruit Trees on map
      Mask of Power: Inflict greater wounds to a Colossus
      Cloak of Deception: Invisible to a Colossus
      Flash Arrow: Explodes when hits Colossus
      Brown Horse: Hold Square to start game at the main menu to get a brown horse

    While playing Time Attack mode on the Hard difficulty setting, the following bonus items will be unlocked, in order:

      Harpoon Of Thunder
      Sword Of The Sun: Light beacon operates in patches of shadow
      Fruit Tree Map: Reveals the Fruit Trees on map
      Shaman's Cloak: Increase defense and lessen damage
      Lizard Detection Stone: Detects white tailed lizards
      Shaman's Mask: Increase defense
      Cloth Of Desperation: Parachute for safe landing
      Queen's Sword From Ico

  • Secret garden

    Successfully complete all four modes and have a large amount of stamina. Then, climb the back of the temple you first started in. Climb up the ivy and follow the trail all the way up and around the ledge to the right. Jump across at the other end of the ledge to reach the next set of ivy. Continue on until you get to another ledge above that you must climb around. Once at the other side of this ledge, climb to the right then shimmy across another ledge that leads behind a column. Jump to the ivy-covered column, then continue climbing. The ivy will lead to a walkway. Climb the stairs and walkway to the left of the garden. A sequence will begin and the seventeenth Colossi will appear. Defeat the Colossi to open the path to the top of the temple. Note: Eating fruit from the trees in the garden causes damage.

    It is possible to reach the Secret Garden early. Find the patch of ivy behind the Temple you start at (almost directly under the huge bridge you came in on). If your grip meter is high enough, you can just jump straight up the side until you reach the first ledge, which has a small patch of leaves on it. Position yourself directly under that patch of leaves. Continue to hold Grip/Duck and jump straight up. Your character will immediately duck in those leaves, allowing you to refill any lost grip. Then, continue around and up the side until you reach the path leading to the garden.

  • Ico reference

    Have a saved game file from Ico on your memory card to change the diamond-shaped mark on Agro's head to the "I" from the Ico logo.

  • Control intermission sequences

    During all intermission sequences, the view can be moved and zoomed in. You can also allow the game to idle during the introduction sequence to see Agro exploring the world without Wander. This sequence can also be controlled. Use the Right Analog-stick to change the angle and R1 and R2 to zoom in and out.

  • Alternate introduction sequence

    Turn on the game and let the introduction sequence begin where your character is riding Agro. Press Start so that the title screen appears. Allow the game idle and a new introduction sequence will appear. This time, the setting is where you last saved a game. It will show your character resting or sleeping at the altar. Then, Agro will start walking away and begin to run and roam all over the open area. Additionally, save the game after completing it. Turn off the PlayStation 2, then turn it back on. Allow the introduction sequence to begin, where your character is riding Argo. Press Start so that the title screen appears. Allow the game to idle, and a new introduction sequence will begin. Instead of Argo roaming all over the world, you will now follow a hawk, soaring over the canyons and plains.

  • Alternate ending sequence

    Eat fruit from the Secret Garden to reduce your HP as much as possible. Dormin will now be killed when shot by the crossbow, and will alter the following sequences.

  • Ride a hawk, bird, lizard, or eel

    Sneak up behind them and press R1.

  • Standing gallop

    Press R1 + X.

  • 180 gallop turn

    Quickly press Left Analog-stick Down + X, Left Analog-stick Down + X.

  • Quick gallop stop

    Press Left Analog-stick Down + X.

  • Rearing Argo

    While stationary on Argo's back, quickly pull the Left Analog-stick Back + X. Argo will rear, then quickly bolt forward at a gallop. This is useful for getting away from a Colossus quickly.

  • Powerful attack

    While fighting a Colossus, press Triangle, R1 + Square to do about twice as much damage as a normal hit. Make sure you do not fall off the Colossus when doing this move.

  • Enter the large room where Colossus 6 came from

    Get the sixth Colossus as close as possible to the large room where he came out of, then wait until he smashes the floor with his hand. Note: This may take awhile. When he smashes his hand down, make sure he is still as close as possible to the large room. Immediately after he smashes the floor, grab onto his arm/hand fur. He will start flinging you around with his arm violently. If he swings his arm when you are near the large room, release his arm and you will hopefully be flung into the large room. This may require a few attempts. The large room has a strange large blue central symbol on the floor. Also, the Colossus just stands as close as possible to the edge of the room endlessly walking forward and stomping the floor.

  • Defeating Colossus 2

    Defeating this Colossus requires patience and moderate skill with the bow. When the Colossus raises its forefeet to stomp on you, have an arrow drawn to full with the controller vibrating. Keep a bead on the Colossus' foot, and you will notice that the bottom glows. Release the arrow when the foot is almost on you. The Colossus' leg will fold, giving you an opportunity to climb up onto its back. The rest is quite simple, as it is a quadripedal Colossus.

  • Defeating Colossus 3

    This Colossus has a huge stone bar in place of a hand and can either slam it straight down or on an angle. Do not get hit, as it will take a lot of time to get up again. When he slams it down on an angle, it will stick in the ground for a few seconds. You can then jump onto it and run up to the Colossus' arm. While you can do this, it will not do much good as you cannot get past the armor. As you run around, look for a large, circular stone platform. Stand on it and let the Colossus try to hit you. Dodge, and it will smash down onto the platform. The armor on its arm will shatter, allowing you to climb up to its head and jam your sword in him. After a few of hits, it will change and be on the Colossus' stomach.

  • Colossi locations

    Each individual Colossus can be found at the following map coordinates:

      1: F-5
      2: F-3
      3: E-2
      4: G-5
      5: H-4
      6: D-6
      7: D-1
      8: G-6
      9: D-3
      10: B-4
      11: F-1
      12: G-2
      13: E-6
      14: C-2
      15: G-1
      16: F-8

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Wander and the Colossus (Platinum): Acquired all trophies.
      Valley Wanderer (Bronze): Defeat 1st Colossus.
      The Sloth (Bronze): Defeat 2nd Colossus.
      Disturbed Sleep (Bronze): Defeat 3rd Colossus.
      Path of Gravestones (Bronze): Defeat 4th Colossus.
      Aerial Dance (Bronze): Defeat 5th Colossus.
      Entombed Giant (Bronze): Defeat 6th Colossus.
      Waves of Thunder (Bronze): Defeat 7th Colossus.
      Wall Scaler (Bronze): Defeat 8th Colossus.
      Slumbering Caveman (Bronze): Defeat 9th Colossus.
      Unknown Tracks (Bronze): Defeat 10th Colossus.
      Guardian Unleashed (Bronze): Defeat 11th Colossus.
      Silent Thunder (Bronze): Defeat 12th Colossus.
      Signs in the Sky (Bronze): Defeat 13th Colossus.
      Shielded Colossus (Bronze): Defeat 14th Colossus.
      Valley of the Fallen (Bronze): Defeat 15th Colossus.
      Final Colossus (Bronze): Defeat 16th Colossus.
      The Forbidden (Silver): Clear the game in normal difficulty.
      Wander and the Forbidden (Silver): Clear the game in hard difficulty.
      Climber (Gold): Reached the top of the shrine.
      Hang Glider (Bronze): Hang onto the hawk for more than 30 seconds.
      Resistance (Silver): Endure being sucked into the light for over 1 minute in the ending.
      Collector (Silver): Acquire all items available in normal time attack.
      Meticulous Collector (Gold): Acquire all items available in hard time attack.
      Slippery Ride (Bronze): Hang onto the fish for over 30 seconds.
      Agro Circus (Silver): Perform all stunt riding using Agro.
      Cornucopia (Gold): Acquired all fruits in the world.
      Tower of Prayer (Silver): Save at all save points.
      Endangered Lizards (Gold): Killed all shining lizards.
      Stalwart Wander (Gold): Max out HP bar.
      Mighty Wander (Gold): Max out stamina bar.

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